General Dentistry

At OC Dental Group, our talented team of Doctors provides you with excellent cosmetic and elective dentistry. We are also dedicated to providing our patients with out-most care to achieve and maintain a life-long of oral health. As family health care providers, we perform all aspects of dentistry from regular checkups to full mouth restorations. We, at OC Dental, can offer you a full menu of amenities designed to make your visit comfortable and convenient. Our office features the latest and most advanced technologies in dental care.

With proper preventive care, we can stop the problems before they start and help you maintain your oral health for a lifetime. With periodontal screening and therapy, we can diagnose and treat gum and bone disease early therefore preventing eventual loss of bone, gum and teeth. Orthodontic treatment with new Invisalign technology can give you straighter teeth and restore the function of your dentition without the inconvenience and embarrassment of conspicuous metal braces. Composite fillings, done properly, restore your teeth to their natural beauty and anatomy along with functionality. These tooth colored composite fillings are stronger and longer lasting than older metal amalgam fillings.

At our office, taking good care of our patients is our priority. Our goal is to become a member of your family and form a bond that will last a lifetime. We strive to provide those extra touches that make your care special. Contact our office today to experience a new brand of dentistry. At OC Dental Group, we offer a broad range of treatment options for the entire family. We love treating children and hope to foster a relationship that lasts a lifetime by specializing in timely care in a comfortable environment.

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