Children Dentistry

At OC Dental Group, we love to practice dentistry for children. In recent years, we have had an unbelievable increase in the number of our pediatric patients and as a result, our love and affinity for children have increased exponentially. As parents, most of our Doctors and staff understand the challenge of keeping our children healthy and compliant and as professionals, we incorporate our parenting skills into the art and science of dentistry to help our younger patients enjoy a healthy and trouble free mouth. many numbers of our young patients have been with us since they were kids and watching them grow into their teenage years and adolescence is a joy words cannot express.

We treat kids as young as 3 years-old. Most kids are treated by our general dentists and when there is a need our pediatric dentist will provide excellent and caring treatment for more difficult and sensitive cases where the expertise and skills of a specialist is needed.

At the initial visit, After a thorough oral examination, obtaining radio-graphs (X-rays) and teeth cleaning to remove plaque and calculus that cause cavities and gum disease, we apply topical fluoride to make teeth more resistant to decay. Your child's oral health depends a great deal on what you and your child do on a daily basis. At the initial visit and at each six-month check-up, our team will discuss important topics such as sealants, diet, tooth brushing, flossing to help your child achieving optimum oral health.

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